Seven Pillared Hall

The Seven-Pillared Hall, a mighty chamber, was once the market square and meeting place of the ancient undermountain city of Saruun Khel. In some ways, it still serves as a market and meeting place of sorts, but for a different kind of inhabitant. Today, the Mages of Saruun provide order and safety within the Hall, chiefly so that they can trade with the intelligent monster races that live within the Labyrinth and the Underdark beyond. While the mages seek to acquire goods and items important to their arcane experiments from creatures that normally don’t conduct trade with the surface dwellers, the relative safety of the place has given rise to an underground market – both figuratively and literally. Primary locations throughout the Hall are described below.


Two large stone friezes in the shape of stern dwarf faces adorn the facade oft his expertly carved series of chambers. The Deepgem Company deals in gems and precious metals, as well as fine arms and armor. The company buys gold, gemstones, and other valuables from Thunderspire’s many prospectors. Deepgem caravans depart every week for Silvershield Hold, after providing a cut of their profits to the Mages of Saruun.
Ulthand Deepgem, an old dwarf cleric of Moradin and former adventurer, runs the business. He despises the duergar and avoids dealing with them except in extreme circumstances (such as when the Mages of Saruun require it). In addition to Ulthand, five other dwarves live in this outpost. The company also employs a dozen miners, several mule drivers, and other laborers, most of whom live in the Pigeonholes (see below).

QUEST: Man over boar

A few days ago, one of Ulthand’s mining teams was viciously slaughtered. Ulthand’s dear pet, a dire boar that he personally trained as a mount and beast of burden, had accompanied the team that day. Ulthand, has asked the UCB to recover the animal.
The dwarf suspected the boar might be alive, for the miners’ bodies were recovered but not the boar’s. Judging from the brutality ofthe attack, Ulthand believed gnolls were responsible, though he had no idea where to find them.

The boar was eventually recovered inside the Well Of Demons, and the reward was collected.

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Seven Pillared Hall

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