Law And Order: UCB (United Colors of Bennethor)

The Cleansing of Kobold Hall

The story begins...

Necesitamos la ayuda de la log-keeper oficial de UCB, Luisana…

El coso este te deja hacer posts con fecha retroactiva! Genial! ¿Alguien se acuerda cuándo empezamos a jugar? Habría que revisar los mails…

-Edit by Gabe: Qué h. de p., ¿ésta la mastereaste vos y no te acordás nada, ni cómo se escribe Kobold? Según las fotos que si no me equivoco son del día que edité más abajo, esto se jugó el 11/07/2009. No recuerdo cuándo hicimos los PJs, voy a ver si lo encuentro. Calculo que fue el sábado anterior, pero no encuentro evidencia fuerte de ello.

-Edit by Luisana:

Was the world ready? Five lone adventurers, borught together by Chance, Fate, the Gods, or whatever supernatural force you prefer. Was Fallcrest ready? The five proud warriors, aimlessly wandering around town, trying to make a living off their combat talents, casually (causally?) met when Governor Fahren Scioli put out a reward for the cleansing of Kobold Hall.

Five adventurers: an autistic dwarven cleric, an inexperienced tiefling warlock, a drunken dragonborn who played the lute, yet another dragonborn, this one wielding an awe-imposing fullblade sword, and yours truly, Luisana, dual-wielding mistress of doom.

They were unsleashed upon the world. And so UCB was born.

The assignment seemede simple enough. We were to travel to Kobold Hall (less than a day’s walk) and exterminate any opposition. It certainly served us well, since que, all veteran warriors of some craft or another, were unaccustomed to fighting together. We tore through the kobolds with ease.

However, we didn´t expect what we found in the depths of the Hall. A lone Ice Dragon guarded the final room, and the valuable treaseure therein. Eyes on the prize, we charged.

It was a gruesome battle. Many a times did our front line warriors fall (while our artillery warlock became suddenly enamoured with the walls and kept flinging his magicks at them), but in the end we prevailed.

Lord Godric, peculiar as he is, decided that parting the dragon from his full hide was an advisable action. One must say though, that the flaying was done in an incredibly orderly and efficient manner.

We returned, victorious, to Fallcrest, and feasted, and rested. We were content.

But, as it turned out, our adventures together were just beginning.



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